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Ororah Bell




Let's do this together



Ororah Bell, MS, BCBA, BCASE is passionate about supporting individuals with their Behavioral Health needs as a BCBA and Coach. She has also always advocated for families and utilizes her expertise as an Educational Advocate and Consultant.

Ororah specializes in Autism, ADHD, Anxiety, SPD and Executive Functioning with a solution focused and goal oriented approach that is user friendly and easily accessible to everyone. 

She is dedicated to partnering with and helping people in meaningful and life changing ways.

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How Can I Be of Help?


Educational Advocacy & Consultation

Partnering with, advising and supporting parents of children with learning differences as they navigate the K-12 educational system to get the supports your child needs to be a successful learner. 504 Plan, IEP, ALP, School Evaluation, Triennial, Manifestation Meeting and IEE consultation.

Behavioral Therapy

The practice of applying the psychological principles of learning theory in a systematic way. This research based methodology is focused on teaching skills in specific areas that we want to increase while decreasing behaviors that are getting in the way. All tailored to your individual needs to help promote independence and maximize your full potential.

ADHD - Executive Function Coaching

Be set up for success in school and life. Support with the development of executive function skills such as response inhibition, emotional control, self-reflection, task initiation, mental flexibility, sustained attention, planning, time management, organization, working memory, prioritization, and goal-setting.

Parent Support

The overall purpose of parent support is to give families and caregivers the tools and strategies they will need to carry out supportive strategies across all of the settings that their child encounters day to day. Practical everyday guidance for today's parent.

Assessment & Evaluation

Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA), Skills Evaluation, Goal Setting, Data Collection, Progress Monitoring, administration of the VB-MAPP, Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales, PDDBI and SRS-2.

Insurance Policy

Billing Options


Payment is dependent on the specific service that is being provided. Private pay and all major commercial insurance plans, Tricare and Community Funding (CCBs) accepted.

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